Conscious Masculinity Program

The Conscious Masculinity Program is design for men to open up to embodied cognition to move from toxic masculinity towards healthy and self-conscious masculinity. It’s about learning your embodied self, discover your emotional patterns and how to unblock your potential and ultimately, have a thriving sexual life.

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A Talk on Masculinity, Spirituality and Technology

Interview with Psychology 360

It has been a pleasure to engage in wonderful question with Simon Weissenberger on the Podcast “Psychology 360”.

The topics we deepened in our conversation reached from the book “Sex, Masculinity and God” to the human and psychological crisis we are facing right now due to COVID-19 with the consequences of emotional-social distancing to the digital beginnings of web3 with the possibility of token economy and its future implications.

Sex Masculinity and God at the Stoa

The Stoa is a digital campfire around the most intriguing topics at the knife’s edge of what is happening now. Highly appreciated the level of interaction and questions on these 2 sessions with Tyson Wagner!

Here is Part I

And because we really enjoyed it… Part II:

Don´t wait till it hurts.

Sometimes live is hard, especially when world situation does not comfort at all. Maybe you have troubles with your job, and then you might get ill and nobody can tell you want is the root of your illness.

Pain, first of all is never found in the body. It is an emotion and usually doctors sum it up as stress, when they accept a relation between mind and body. The eastern traditions acknowledge for millenia energy as a medium between the mind and the body.

When you get stressed, we tend to think to much, we tend to have negative emotions. All of that is a higher amount of energy that always calls you out to transform and to change.

If that energy is not put on track, it gets stuck where ever you are stuck. To much energy stuck creates heat. First, you might have difficulties to relax, and you might drink more alcohol or search for other comfort zone. Then you might have difficulties to sleep and according to the position and topic you are stuck get inflammations, which means bacteria are overcoming your immun system. If that continues without getting calmness and a new direction in life, it ends with an illness, which will force you to stop and to reexamine your life.

Energy has to flow, without resistance and free from holding on to it. Some people termed beautifully the saying: Let it go! And you will have freedom.

It is discomforting to change, but the sooner you change with the flow, the less life is going to call you out brutally.

In Germany we say, if you don´t listen, you will have to feel it.

So, don´t wait till it hurts, when life wants you the change.

Listen. And the best way to listen is to find calmness for youself.

All the best,


Business as usual is over. We will never go back to our “normal” crises – #Whatif 2030 looks like that:

We will never go back to “normal”, so, #whatif we have a drastic change.

#Whatif you are in 2030:
The basic income became a necessity to fulfill the basic needs, like food and housing after the pandemic crises and its economic consequences. This basic income is not to accumulate currencies, but to keep a balance of not too much and not too less (thanks to Vincente for that idea). The balance of the current-sees (thanks to for that model) is registered like a fractal in every computer in a distributed network running on blockchain technology.

Locally based agriculture has been the first to became self-organized without any intermediate businesses or merchants. The self-responsibility and self-organization of the registration of the goods on blockchain allowed also to find recycling pathways which first was done in small circle of permaculture and soft skills and later in globally interacting circular economy flows.

Every exchangeable good, physical product, soft skills, artwork and service is registered and matched according to searches and needs on a modular set of self-organized individuals and groups. Each module can a product, a song or a concert for example. Everybody has a set of modules, like a portfolio, which can be easily link to a group-module. The content of the interchangeable modules is not anymore centralized in websites, universities or companies, but distributed in such digitally or locally places. Most websites operate like a smartphone in which modules can have a digital place, like an app on a smartphone.

Daily and cultural practices to get out of the egocentric and competitive behavioral patterns towards a compassioned, community-based behavior are found in new jobs especially in the areas of healing, art and education.

There are different kinds of current-sees according to qualities. Some current-sees are set every day on zero. The exchange is based on your time and activity of where you are and what are you using or doing, which can be something individually like cleaning a place, caring about children or taking part in three groups in one day dedicated to a common purpose like developing hardware for computers. Basically, everybody is self-employed and self-responsible. That means everybody is his or her own bank, shop, company, service provider and has always the freedom to interact in different groups.  Some other current-sees are on a default-mode according to responsibility taken by individuals or taken by a group for a certain time. Groups also have the goal to reach a balance as a group instead of a continuous growth. Random-acts-of-kindness is a non-binary exchangeable current-see, which can be just given.

It is also possible to solve conflicts and conceive consensus by percentage or by 100 % with the own creations of inner truth meanings linked to their references (thanks to Within a group (of 3-8 people) the experience and the decisions of the group allow resolutions and agreements for actions, representatives, newcomers and forks, which are transparently archived in the distributed digital network. Some agreements and resolutions are between groups to define shared responsibilities for larger communities in bigger timeframes. These processes are paralleled with covering basic needs of food and living on the most efficient and ecological sustainable way.

A new worldview and paradigm are implemented to develop healthy boundaries, emotions and skills of operating with a free consciousness which is not anymore recreating an ego in a purely materialistic world. The mimicry of nature´s creation, and the development of emotional, and communicational maturity and intuition allow different forms of interaction in which place and time are less relevant. New ways of friendships, intimate and other relationships are changed because of truly sharing degrees of one consciousness. This happened due to a complete mind shift from the “I” to a compassioned behavior in which there is no “I in TEAM”. This extensive development of emotions and feeling, transparency and trust  involve cultural techniques of self- and shadow exploration. Peace-making skills and collaboration are on an agreement of a worldwide network of groups. Learning is not anymore, a classroom in a school, but mentorship program which allows you to discover and learn from any group and record in your skills as a set of modules.

A lot of other ideas have been developed which only took place in thriving collaborations, meaningful conversations and mutual learning with truly free and compassioned actions, which had a bust in year 2020.

Back to our present to look back in history to see why collaboration and the technologies and especially the internet possibilities can make this happen:

Civilizations can hold together if communication channels and exchange of goods take place in a sustainable ecological environment. Usually a drastic change happened in the growth of civilizations when recourses per capital became scare. A war would rearrange status and power to let the oppressed work harder to get more energy out of the land. Technology would facilitate the energy that a civilization has to bring up to feed everyone. Only very few exceptions in the rise of civilizations were able to establish a new order without a war, but with collaboration and exchange of goods. About their communicational behavior we don´t have enough archeological record.

The more vertical a system is, the less communication it needs to keep a common purpose. The less communication a system has the more oppression takes place. In other words: The better the possibilities of communication the more egalitarian a society can be. For hunter and gatherer societies, known to be egalitarian, it is very easy to maintain this way of societal structure because the number of group members interacting are between 8-30 people and they live with almost no environmental circumscription. So, if someone bothers someone in a society like this, you can just leave. But if the density of the population gives you no place to go, you get a problem if you don´t find an understanding and a collaboration.

Therefore, I believe we definitely need a massive shift, hopefully without a World War III. With it or not, if we want to make this jump towards a unified planet caring about our next generations, and we must find more efficient ways to produce energy and consume less, which helps the Earth to recover. We will have a unified world if we use our technologies wisely and collaborate starting from a free spirit and compassioned soul. The area of information is young and has still a lot of potential but only if we as human evolve internally and expand our responsibility to care locally about the next person to you.

If we don´t growth as compassioned being and move out of grieve and accumulation of profit we won´t go anywhere with good technologies.

Imagine your #Whatif and share it with the tag.

Be your Extraordinary Future and the Fittest along with your Past

After reading these sentences you will know when to be the fittest and when to be extraordiary.

To be adaptive and “to fit” has been the major skill for survival —  according to science.

Why? Science is able to trace history back, but doesn´t create future. Even all prognostics are based on past events.  The same sequence of self-inherent logic is applied to artificial intelligence, where a optimization of “fitting” products are aligned with the algorhythm, which “learns” from past events.

The extraordinary is a possible attractor for the future. We find the extraordinary in art and in human science because the spirit inspired humans. When time pass by, the fittest extraordinary becomes normal, but usually the extraordinary ideas and works accomplished by people don´t receive a lot of their success.

The actualization of the extraordinary is the creation of the possibility. Do you see the possibility? Can you create with your imagination a future vision? Create the extraordinary, that is the unique to YOU!

In terms of consciousness every past, present and future are part of your present. When we balance our unique future without comparison to others and without behavioral patterns, which hold on the past, but embrace the past as a meaningful sequence towards your present, then you are aware of your freedom of choice.

Do you see a destiny made cohesive by the integrative aspect of past, present and future? Or are you the creator of your present by knowing, it is you, who create your future?

Be extraordinary for your future, and be the fittest with your own past path.

Your fittest version of your collected sequences of the past are a cohesive and meaninful alignment with your present. Have compassion with whatever happend to you. By doing that you will find peace withyourself and create your unique and extraordinary future.