Envisioning New Masculinity

What is new masculinity? Do you have the feeling that your masculinity is balanced with femininity in your (desired) partnership, in your family or in yourself? What is the hidden wisdom of masculinity from which we can find strength for a healthy balance in our time? We want to experience a new masculinity among men. Many don’t know any more if you are allowed to be a man, don’t feel confident to talk about it, or have lost sight of what a healthy masculinity is. Better known became an “unhealthy” or “toxic” masculinity in which an old role of a superior or violent man is exposed. I invite you to learn what male wisdom is and how this wisdom is used in work, in partnership, with family and friendships.

This video is a presentation on Sex, Masculininty and God in the midst of Changes at the International Society for System Science 2021:

We will learn how this wisdom leads us from an unconscious reaction to conscious beings. We experience how we can bring the masculine and feminine into balance both within ourselves and in our outer world, strengthen the positive sides of both, and overcome our shadows with masculine wisdom. If you feel like you want to restore that balance and be part of a movement for healthy masculinity, then you are in the right place.

Seminars and News

  • Lover, Warrior, Magician and King – Masculinity Coaching according to the 4 Archetypes
    These sessions include an initial free introductory session and 8 additional hours to locate and guide every archetype into a balanced and adult form.These sessions are based on past and future Embodied Conscious Masculinity workshops and are the perfect pre- and post-workshop preparation for Presence workshops. The sessions also stand on their own. Who is … Read more
  • How did I get into men’s work?
    … And what am I doing for the Men’s Festival 2023?Thanks to the interview led by Andreas and Ulrich of Männerfestival 2023: www.maennerfestival.at
  • Vertraue der Ehrlichkeit – Maskulin trifft Feminin
    Dieser einzigartige Tag führt dich in einem Forschungsraum wo Männer und Frauen, so wie den femininen und maskulinen Pol (in uns) ehrlich und neugierig begegnen können. Gemeinsam schaffen wir Raum für Dialog, spielen, fühlen und erkunden unsere Grenzen und Muster.Vielfältige Übungen bieten die Möglichkeit durch Sprache und Körper-Praxis dich neu wahrzunehmen und neue Kraft tanken. … Read more
  • Embodied Conscious Masculinity Autumn 2022
    Published on August 31, 2022 “Embodied Conscious Masculinity – Fall 2022” EditEmbodied Conscious Masculinity – Fall 2022 Embodied Conscious Masculinity is a fusion of martial arts, Tibetan yoga, meditations, coaching exercises, methods to illuminate one’s own shadows, and heartfelt and authentic encounters in cozy campfire settings. The methods tap into unconscious patterns via the archetypes … Read more
  • A Way through crises: Sex, Masculinity and Spirituality
    Since 2020 the Book “Sex, Masculinity and God” came out, I have been involved in men´s work and the topic masculinity. It has been an interesting ride since then! This weekend I will be presenting with my brilliant co-authors Cadell Last and Kevin Orosz at the Mann-Sein Konferenz 11th+12th of June in Berlin, organized by … Read more

Here are some talks with philosopher Cadell Last and Masculinity Coach Kevin Orosz. I am happy to announce that a book is published out of these trialogues named Sex, Masculinity and God: