Organizing the Worlds of Consciousness 2019

The International Congress “Worlds of Consciousness 2019” was a great success!

Have a look into the full programm with the recorded presentations here.

After a short introduction of the past activities of the ECR- Institute, Marco Bischof jumped spontanously in, to give an overview on the work of Brenda Dunne and Roger Nelson, higlightening their influence and importance in the current debate about mind-matter-interaction.

Brenda Dunne gave her presentation describing her work with Robert Jahn and telling anecdotes from her experiences. Roger Nelson impressed the audience with his Global Consciousness Project, which in short says “We are all connnected” and delivers global coherent data during global events based on random-generators spread all over the world. Sacinanda Swami led the whole congress with the vibration of the OM-chantinginto a delightfull meditation. Christopher Bache opened up heaven with the diamonds he found during his LSD-experiences and ater lunch Jan Rak showed the physical reality based on quantum terms. Ervin Lazlo send his message about the illusion of the separation between spirituality and science. Regina Hess brought the feminine energy in the hall. Coming to the end, Mathias Schüz precisely showed how ethical business works and Christian Halper and Marcus Schmieke set down the vision to investigate further the information field theories and practices as well as to strenghen networks and collaborations among like-minded institutions.

The presentations will be soon online. Thanks to everybody particitpating and making the event possible. Special thanks to Marcus Schmieke, Christian Halper, Nadine Förster, Hans-Werner Quast, Christopher Sauter, Falk Hubalt, Mathias Polnicky, Jonas Werner and Dong Doan and many more.

IONS Conference – A role model for brigding science and as they call it “transformative practices”

The conference of the Institute of Noetic Science this year in Santa Barbara, California has been an inspiring conference by having equally men and woman, spirituality and science presenting. I have never left so many business cerds behind. I will come back. Have a look into their programs! Dean Radin, the head of research really is a character. I got the chance to speak to him. Asthonishing and precise work.

Science of Consciousness, Switzerland – Interlaken

The impression of the biggest scientific conference on consciousness in the year have been: the work of Harald Atmaspacher, Embodiment Sessions, espcially of Donata Schöller, and keynote of Mark Solms about the importance of emotions and feelings related to consciousness. There are many more to mention, on my opinion these were my highlights beside of many talks and chats in breaks and the evennings.

I did the following poster presentation proposing a “Multi-value Perspective of Processing Existential Consciousness in Terms of Cybernetics and System Science“. It is a Synthesis of the work of Peyn, Luhmann, Heinrichs, Bateson and Günther. Talking with Heinrich about it later he would suggest some redefinements. The steps might not be 100% congruently, but a way to see an repeating pattern.



Mysticism and Science Conference in Prague

I have been kindly invited to speak in Prague about Mysticism and Science about “Patterns of Transformative Consciousness”. Basically, my focus was the processual nature of becoming conscious in the realms of science and mysticism and positioned these ways in a fractal pattern.

Here you find the presentation-link.


What is a diagnosis?

The Bertalanffy Center of System Science organized a workshop asking about “Health and Big Data”. My question was “What are Symptoms? What is a diagnosis and what is judgement of pain?”. The presentation was well received and further question lead actually to the question “What is health?”.
One thing could be concluded: We can´t assume, that a practical work of a medical practitioner can be replaced by data from the past. This leads again to the “here and now” as initial principle of reality.

Quantum Physics, Religion and Philosophy – Are we entangled?

Many people believe that quantum physics is ushering in a new age.  A new paradigm describes science for its field.

Renowned quantum researchers like Zeilinger are faced with many questions before their experiments and almost all of them agree that information is a fundamental quantity in the universe, maybe even more fundamental than matter, space or time at least in physics.

Thus, quantum physics now establishes the connection to consciousness and its exploration, since it is now somehow connected.

It is often assumed that everything is information. This means partly, in a scientific way of thinking, that everything only exists if we are aware of it or if it has been measured. Some go so far as to say that only consciousness exists.

Philosophers, who have been asking themselves for quite some time what are actually the preconditions of our knowledge, speak out again: Is thinking fundamental? Is it feeling first? Can we actually say something about what is true, and does it have anything to do with ourselves?

The spiritual and religious directions of our time, as well as some traditional religions usually have some statements in common: We are basically one. And, our way of life is shaped by our attitude towards the world. The more positive you are, the more positive something comes to you. Consequently, the entanglement of particles of quantum mechanics is used to explain that information is important; not only information itself, but also what kind of information. We are connected to each other and it doesn’t matter where you are, because the entanglement of the particles is not bound to a place, not even to a time.

Thus, the physicists walk over to the religious views. The spiritual and religious practitioners see themselves confirmed and the philosophers learn physics.

Basically, it doesn’t sound bad, but why do we experience each other separately? Why doesn’t the stone we throw through the air fly according to our intentional will? Do we only have to believe it more firmly? Do we only come to the conscious experience of quantum physics in an enlightened stage?

And can world peace and the ecological crisis be overcome with it? So far not.

We have several possibilities: Physicists can ignore quantum physics, or be content to admit that it is in contradiction to anything believed so far. Or, they have to deal with it in detail. This is not easy, at least experimentally and mathematically. Theoretically, it is less expensive but not easy either, because a new framework is needed to think about all this.

Spiritual and religious people can ask themselves to what extent everything is connected or not and how they can really make use of quantum physics.

And the philosophers could climb over the imagined fence of the disciplines to the physicists once more often and give them some advice for new questions.

The question of whether quantum physics can change the world remains unsolved, but it offers a new world view, a new way of understanding some principles of reality that makes a new world possible. How we have to understand this, is now up to the observer. But the stone still flies like never before.

3rd Symposium of the Existential Consciousness Research

The 3rd Symposium of Existential Consciousness Research took place in Castle Kränzlin. My main insights are directed into the questions of eternity and here and now, because the philosophical contributions  led to different dimensions of viewpoints, evolving towards truth, love, freedom and beauty. Every path of a penomenological and existential point of view is dynamic and has a direction. Each of it shares to some extend different and same kinds of here and now to reach out to these virtues. Is it the here and now of the body position? Is it the here and now of the day-dreamers dream? Is it the conscious I which unfolds its acutalization constantly in reflexions and how many dimensions of reflexions intersect with different here and nows? Special thanks to science21, to Johannes Heinrichs and of course the Existential Consciousness Institute. More information follows on the website of the Institute. Next meeting will be at the in March. I am really looking forward to the next frontiers of consciousness research.

FORMWELT and its endless possibilities

Today I met Gitta and Ralf Peyn togehter with philosopher Johannes Heinrichs in the middle of nowhere, in Lüchow, Germany. I learned to know the key concepts of a new coding language that must be programmed. The infinite possibilities of learning about oneself, about understanding and translating different fields of inquiry as well as operate and modulate any kind of language, mathematics, forms, sounds in its depths and widths are just amazing. I am willing to support their work.

Ralph Peyn, Gitta Peyn, Johannes Heinrichs, and Daniel Dick.

They can actually make use of any help, from donations to investors, from interest to collaborations. Find out more here about FORMWELT about Downloads on their eBook and other information and Gitta Peyns Blog . I hope to be able to invite them soon to the BCSSS in Vienna and find collaborators to go for a common project, which enables them a launch of a first version of a first online application.

Historical Emergence of Traditional Archetypes – Trialogue #2

This trialogue between myself, Kevin Oroszlán, and Cadell Last represents the second experiment in an attempt to open a new discussion on sexuality. The second question which structures our discourse is “How Can We Account for the Historical Emergence of Traditional Archetypes?”. In this discussion we attempt to approach the history of sexuality, gender, and their interaction in civilization to stabilize the archetypes of man and woman.



Difference between Evolutionary and Religious Worldview – Trialogue #3

This trialogue between myself, Kevin Oroszlán, and Cadell Last represents the third experiment in an attempt to open a new discussion on sexuality. The third question which structures our discourse is “What is the difference between the evolutionary and religious worldview?”. In this discussion we attempt to approach the meaning of the difference between evolutionary and religious presuppositions and how it may impact our interpretations of self in intimate relationships. The will to eternity has been my major contribution to the common ground of evolutionary and religious worldview.

Have a look into the full-lenght video set up by Cadell Last.

Observing Existential Consciousness

Existential consciousness is from its philosophical standpoint first a reminder, that any kind of consciousness has its premise in the direct experience of the “Here and Now” and second, a perspective of the immanence of even transcendental philosophy in the way it exists in the world. Read more…

Meeting Science21 in Prag

Myself experiencing consciousness enhancement via flying.

The new paradigm in Prague has a name: The Dynamic Paradigm. I had the pleasure to meet the members of the institute science21 and discuss their findings and insights on the nature of consciousness from an immanent and ever present moment. In combination to the Dynamic Paradigm which is experienced better understood, especially by flying, than only explained, a new education is envisioned. A new school as well as a new university teaching and training the full potential with new methods of project learning will be developed for a better living together. I am happy to contribute to join our powers.

What is the Reality of Sexual Difference? – Trialogue #1

This trialogue between Cadell Last, Kevin Oroszlán, and Daniel Dick represents the first experiment in an attempt to open a new discussion on sexuality. The first question which structures our discourse is “What is the Reality of Sexual Difference?”. In this discussion we attempt to approach the topics of sexual experience, metaphysics, mechanics and ethics.


Catalizing Paradigm Shift at the Laszlo Institute

Suddenly I found myself presenting in front of a small group of therapists, quantum physicists, consciousness researcher and amazing people with special talents. Erwin Laszlo was hosting at the heart of Tuscany the Conference on “Catalizing Paradigm Shift”. I was replacing the talk of Marcus Schmieke introducing our concept of the orthogonal complementarity and it´s reflexions based on the philosophy of Gotthard Günther and Johannes Heinrichs.

Erwin Laszlo appreciated my approach combining system science and consciousness research with his kind words “very fruitful”.

My catches of the conference have been many but I want to higlight three of them: Nitamo Montecucco, Kelly Schwegel and Frederico Faggin. Videos has been made and I will share them as soon as they are ready.
The basic line of the whole conference was to confirm, that material and mechanical views are not enough to explain the world, and introducing many practical and theoretical steps into the nature of consciousness and reality.

Most of the presenters.

Some very hard facts have been presented that should shake the academic world, but have been ignored or just not widely known. I could find myself in a group of like-minded people discovering the secrets beneath the grounds and bridging places, times, institutions and mind towards holografic consciousness research and practice. Special thanks to the organizers: the Scientific and Medical Network and the Lazslo Institute.


Meeting Cadell Last in the BCSSS

Cadell Last at his lecture at BCSSS, Vienna 25th of Sep. 2018

It was a great pleasure to meet Cadell Last and enjoying time together in the Vienna, while having good conversation on the notion of what is meant by “being here”.

I also learned some new words and thoughts like teleiosis, transconsciousness and the uncoded wall of evolution. I am looking forward to the next steps.

(Anthropology + Philosophy)²

Check out his presentation here.