The 5-fold path of Self-Empowerment and Liberation

This path sets the framework for a series of workshops and optionally 1-1 sessions.

The path is a mosaic of Jungs archetypal work, Native American Medicine Wheel, Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and the wisdom of the Colombian elders of the Sierra Nevada (Kogis and Arhuacos).

  1. from water to fire
    a. Time: Birth Child Puberty
    b. Healing: relationship with parents and siblings
    c. Outcome: self-empowerment through trust
    d. Self-empowered individual
  2. from fire to earth
    a. Time: puberty, partnership(s) and family(-formation)
    b. Healing: sexuality, polarity and responsibility
    c. Outcome: self-empowerment through meaning in life and authenticity
    d. Self-empowered polarity
  3. from earth to air
    a. Time: family, parenthood and elders of the community
    b. Healing: Word, Order, Nature
    c. Result: self-empowerment through community
    d. Self-empowering and self-sustaining community
  4. from air to ether
    a. Time: elders, death, world
    b. Healing: wisdom, teaching, selflessness
    c. Outcome: teaching, networking and spreading empowerment.
    d. Self-empowerment global network
  5. from ether to water
    a. Time: world, intermediate world, birth
    b. Healing: intention, consciousness, universal compassion
    c. Result: self-empowered ideas and thoughts and
    d. Self-empowered life
  1. Self-empowered Individual
    Self-empowered individual happens from birth, through infancy, to puberty. Healing the relationship with parents and siblings is central to achieving self-empowerment through trust. Many adult people suffer from a fundamental lack of self-confidence because their relationships with those closest to them have been problematic from their life in the maternal womb onward. Negative emotions, through being rejected, not being seen, sibling envy and the lack of desired love and attention from the mother and father are often blockages to independent development and need to be subsequently cleansed in order to establish the One Basic and Self Confidence.
  2. The Self-Empowered Polarity

The Self-Empowered Polarity occurs in the time of puberty, partnership(s) and family formation. Central to this is the healing of sexuality, polarity and responsibility in order to achieve self-determination through life meaning and authenticity. Living in a self-empowered polarity is the dissolution of projections and a conscious sexuality with an intimate partner and the trust to a life supporting relationship in a family and community, as well as the expansion and actualization of one’s own purpose.

  1. Self-empowered community
    Self-empowered community occurs in the family, parenting and wisdom of the community. The healing of the word, order and nature is central to live in harmony with the laws of nature in a self-empowered and self-sustaining community. Living in a self-determined community includes living with life-enhancing laws, living with nature (such as permaculture and natural energy sources), and ordering a self-sustaining community (shared decision-making processes of groups of 30 and 1000 people and common good economics).
  2. Self-empowered global network
    The Self-Empowered Global Network emerges as an elder whose ego has died for the good of the world. The task is to teach and establish order through the network where connections are broken and to guard them where they are intact. The healing in this self-empowerment is about selflessness, the wisdom of death and as well as teaching to promote, teach and achieve a global self-determination. This selfless empowerment is characterized in our age by the sharing of information and the use of self-empowering and decentralized digital networks, but also the wisdom of the elders to generously give themselves to the world with their knowledge.
  3. Self-empowered life
    Self-empowered life takes place in consciousness, in the intermediate worlds and in self-determined rebirth. In this process, the complete consciousness of one’s thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations is attained. The healing and purification of consciousness, its intention and compassion are central to achieving self-empowered rebirth and life. This self-empowerment can be achieved in the next life as well as in this life, in which a state of consciousness is maintained.