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TSA LUNG Tibetisches Yoga – 2023/24 Donnerstags in Wien

Was brauchst du? Bring gemütliche Kleidung mit und wenn du magst dein eigenes Sitzkissen und Yogamatte. Es sind aber vor Ort auch Yogamatten und Sitzkissen vorhanden. Sonstiges Das Angebot gilt bis zum 28.02.2023. Während den Winterferien sind keine Kurseinheiten. Kosten pro Einheit: 20,-Euro10er Block: 120,- Euro (kann vor Ort bar oder online erworben werden)

Individual Self-Empowerment -Workshop 2023

WHAT? The workshop serves to empower self-confidence by working through experiences that we have gone through from our conception to our puberty. At this stage of life we are very much influenced by our parents and our relationship with them, so understanding and forgiving our entanglements and shortcomings is especially important. Self-love, self-care and a …

About me

Daniel´s life has three cornerstones: Spirituality, science and aesthetics. With 12 years, he realized that everything is energy. Since then, his perception and practice with energy was a daily activity. Today he offers healing and coaching with the help of the Buddhas energies. His scientific home is system science, social and cultural anthropology and consciousness research, his spiritual home is a pantheistic pragmatism with a focus on Vajrayana Buddhism and the aesthetics are part of enjoying beauty in nature, culture and between beings.

Daniel was born into a family in which spirituality, education and medicine were part of everyday life. Destiny gave him some ruff teachings on life and death, which empowered his quest of searching and creating meaning to life and arise a few times from the ashes.

Daniel’s professions have been in research and educational institutions related to system science, consciousness research, anthropology, holistic medicine, consultancy and management and sexual pedagogy.

Basically, his interests have been to make sense about experiences and human life, and to help others to move to a meaningful and healthy co-creation.

Fields of interests to explore consciousness have been systems of thinking, ideology, religions and rituals, philosophy of science, phenomenology of experience and cybernetics.

He explored applied research and development projects for self-exploration software tools, impact assessment, pain perception and flickering light perception. He has been lecturer at the University of Vienna in Anthropology and Sociology. He holds the Young Scientist Bertalanffy Award of the European Meeting of Cybernetics and System Research 2016, has worked for several research institutions, such as the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, the European School of Governance and co-founded the independent Viennese Academy of Consciousness Research in 2015. He also co-founded Existential Consciousness Research Institute in 2018. 

He explored different cultures and spiritual paths, and holistic healing techniques as well as altered states of consciousness, intuition, meditation and trance in Shamanism, Alternative Medicine, Zen, Vipassana, Vajrayana, Mindfulness, neo-shamanism and guided meditative practices. Among those, he has been most close to South American shamanism, European Psychoanalyses and Tantric Buddhism. He has a fable for sacred or mythological texts like the bible, the Daodejing and has been as well-trained in Reiki and other energy systems.

Daniel’s student life has been paralleled by an university occupation, and emancipatory approaches, which encouraged him to rethink masculinity and organization and synergize ancient wisdom and new forms. In this course, he co-authored a book “Sex, Masculinity and God” in 2020 and organized several international conferences about consciousness research and anthropology on consensual, flat hierarchical or sociocratic principles.

Since 2022 he is Tsa-Lung (Tibetan Breath-Yoga) teacher trained by Lama Kunsang in Switzerland.

Besides of that, he loves the peaks of the mountain, the waves of the sea, strong espresso, selected music and good time with friends, family and photography.

Collaborators and Partnerships


“YES, we are learning. From chaos comes spontaneous order, and then back to chaos. One catastrophe to true love, an encounter with death, our travel as humans. It is beautiful and it is confusing.”

Kevin Orosz – Sex, Masculinity and God

Sex, masculinity and God has been a trialogical inquiry with Kevin Ororsz and Cadell Last grasping sexual difference, ethics, love and death in contemporary society, especially focusing on a new masculinity approach, overcoming violent patriarchal structures and loss of orientation over gender complexity.

The philosophy of real has to entail sex, but beyond the disruptive sexual attraction lies the question of love and ethics and the relation to the overall, all-inclusive love of God.

Educate your attraction and expand your human condition.

“Awakening reflections on a personal and spiritually embedded level of insights.

While reading I felt like sitting together on a fireplace exploring the/my meaning and creating a refined stance on how I want to live in a beneficial ‘masculine’ way that serve all layers of connectivity!

To me positively thought provoking and an endeavor into deeper areas of my souls true power!”


“Reading this book was like being a fly on a wall for a knights round table council. These three men all have such differing perspectives on the worlds most powerful topics. As a woman, this book gave me a deeper understanding of the male intellect . Bravo fellas! ♥️Holly”


“…, we get a taste of eternity, but not the whole thing. And then we have to deal with temporality. We are in time, but it is as if eternity shines through. And then, how do we balance the two?”

Daniel Dick – Sex, Masculinity and God

“The ego gets attached-fixed onto a human other. You all of a sudden find out they are not the other you are thinking they are. You experience this as a tragedy because your ego is going to die. But you can also experience it as a higher truth in the sense that here is a new space to become something even more interesting, possibly.”

Cadell Last – Sex Masculinity and God