“YES, we are learning. From chaos comes spontaneous order, and then back to chaos. One catastrophe to true love, an encounter with death, our travel as humans. It is beautiful and it is confusing.”

Kevin Orosz – Sex, Masculinity and God

Sex, masculinity and God has been a trialogical inquiry with Kevin Ororsz and Cadell Last grasping sexual difference, ethics, love and death in contemporary society, especially focusing on a new masculinity approach, overcoming violent patriarchal structures and loss of orientation over gender complexity.

The philosophy of real has to entail sex, but beyond the disruptive sexual attraction lies the question of love and ethics and the relation to the overall, all-inclusive love of God.

Educate your attraction and expand your human condition.

“Awakening reflections on a personal and spiritually embedded level of insights.

While reading I felt like sitting together on a fireplace exploring the/my meaning and creating a refined stance on how I want to live in a beneficial ‘masculine’ way that serve all layers of connectivity!

To me positively thought provoking and an endeavor into deeper areas of my souls true power!”


“Reading this book was like being a fly on a wall for a knights round table council. These three men all have such differing perspectives on the worlds most powerful topics. As a woman, this book gave me a deeper understanding of the male intellect . Bravo fellas! ♥️Holly”


“…, we get a taste of eternity, but not the whole thing. And then we have to deal with temporality. We are in time, but it is as if eternity shines through. And then, how do we balance the two?”

Daniel Dick – Sex, Masculinity and God

“The ego gets attached-fixed onto a human other. You all of a sudden find out they are not the other you are thinking they are. You experience this as a tragedy because your ego is going to die. But you can also experience it as a higher truth in the sense that here is a new space to become something even more interesting, possibly.”

Cadell Last – Sex Masculinity and God