Compassion & Consciousness

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the source of your perception and the basis of your senses and their judgement and emotional charges, the imagination, and memory, as well as meaning and the ground of awareness of all phenomena.

What is Compassion?

Compassion is the ability to extend your consciousness to everything that primary has been perceived as other or strange to oneself.

Expand your Consciousness and Compassion

Meditations, Breath work, bioenergetic work, sexual (tantric) education and coaching tools are a combination of tools, Daniel can teach you to expand your consciousness and your compassion.

Daniel supports your individual meditative practice exactly for your personality type and give you tools to empower your goals and enhance your abilities of perceptions and energetic structures.

He also offers courses to groups and can guide you through meditations and yogic practices.

Latest Posts on Meditations, Consciousness and Compassion:

  • Tibetan Yoga and Meditation
    From September to the end of November, there is the possibility to get insights into the Tibetan Yoga, called Tsa -Lung. Thereby– breathing and physical exercises– meditation instructions– Buddhist philosophy and – mantrasare taught. – free donations – DATES: Monday Sept.-Nov.26.09./ 03.10./ 10.10./17.10./ 24.10./(31.10 fällt aus)07.11./ 14.11./21.11. 19-21 Uhr PLACE: KMG StudioKleine Mohrengasse 6-81020 Wien …
  • Thursday Meditation at Lichtanker
    (March-April) on free donation in person and online. Every Thursday from 19:00-20:30. Meditations include Buddhist teaching and guidance on mindfulness and guided meditations.(Subject to change based on the makeup of participants and their needs): 03.17. Ask Death 24.03. The transformation of demons 31.03. Enter the library of your life 07.04. From pain to compassion (ideal …
  • Geführte Meditation: Die Bibliothek deines Lebens
    Dies ist eine Meditation, die es dir ermöglicht, in ein Wissen über dein Leben einzutreten, unter der Bedingung, was du erfährst zu akzeptieren. Genieße die Reise!

I believe that the work on oneself is the key to any other relationship and to whatever you do. Any limitations are self-imposed and be removed by yourself. I am here to support you.

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