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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the source of your perception and the basis of your senses and their judgement and emotional charges, the imagination, and memory, as well as meaning and the ground of awareness of all phenomena.

What is Compassion?

Compassion is the ability to extend your consciousness to everything that primary has been perceived as other or strange to oneself.

What is Tsa Lung

Tsa = Tibetan for inner channels/chakras
Lung = Tibetan for winds or energy winds.

Tsa Lung is based in Vajrayana Buddhism and promotes compassion, awareness and an inner peace.

In Tibetan Yoga, by means of physical exercises, breathing techniques and visualizations, we train the body externally and the mind internally. With the help of the exercises we influence the different areas of inner imbalance, which leads to a harmonization and purification of our inner channels, chakras and the elements. In this way, Tsa Lung promotes and maintains our physical, mental and spiritual health and stability.

Daniel Dick was trained by Drupon Lama Kunsang in Switzerland and authorized to teach this valuable knowledge.

Zertifikat tsalung

He also offers courses to groups and can guide you through meditations and yogic practices.

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