Individual Self-Empowerment -Workshop 2023


The workshop serves to empower self-confidence by working through experiences that we have gone through from our conception to our puberty. At this stage of life we are very much influenced by our parents and our relationship with them, so understanding and forgiving our entanglements and shortcomings is especially important.

Self-love, self-care and a childlike curiosity and joy of life are strengthened as qualities.

Fertilization is our entry into life, and the associated emotions, environment, sexual energy and love between the parents are instrumental in shaping the rest of our lives. Likewise, pregnancy and the experiences of the mother are central to any further development, which in turn lay the foundation for birth. The first 14 years until puberty lay the building blocks in life for our coming of age.

All these phases of life can be visited and perceived anew. They are the source of your wisdom and talents. Even if initially some experiences in this period were perceived as negative, this workshop can help you to perceive these experiences in your life differently and to transform them.


The workshop will focus very much on our sensory impressions, since it is precisely in this phase of development that this access to the world is most formative. We will do exercises to sensitize our psychosomatic points and create a safe place for our childhood stories. Through meditative, ritual and energetic techniques, these will be brought into awareness and transformed into compassion. We will address the collective shadow (such as intemperance or boundary transgressions) of this developmental phase and bring them into healing as much as we will be able.

Topics that will be worked on are for example: Interpretations of (parental) love, play and seriousness, being held, pain of parents’ limited love due to time, siblings, conditioning, etc.


This workshop is especially for you if you have already worked on yourself in some way and now want to take a conscious step into your self-empowerment, to stop sabotaging yourself through emotional triggers and to give your life an intentional direction.

You are in the right place:
If you want your life to flow again and old fears and worries from your parental history no longer serve you.
If you want to feel carried by the world and no longer have concerns and fears of being “different”.
When you want to discover the world anew for yourself.
If you have mentally understood that for a happier life you have to face your past.


This workshop is not a substitute for long-term treatment for serious trauma. This workshop is not for you if you do not want to be in charge of your own life. This workshop is not for you if you want to remain helpless to the forces of fortune.


Most days take place in the large room of Traum14, Hauptstraße 29 in 1140 Vienna. Exceptions are 14th of Oct. on the Hohe Wand (location will be announced upon registration) and the 15th of Oct. at WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1190 Vienna.

10:30am-5:00pm each day with a lunch break. Vegan food will be provided with a suggested donation of 10 Euros.


Workshop days are to be attended as one package and build on each other. If individual days cannot be attended, that is of course OK by arrangement. If you are not sure if this workshop series is something for you, just get in touch and we will take our time.


The determined early birds will be rewarded with a discount of 560 Euro for the whole 8 days workshop until 15.07.
Click here to register with early bird discount !

From 16.07. the full fee of 630 Euro applies.

Undecided can visit the first workshop day for a try-out and then make a decision.


The try-out day on 03.09. alone costs 72 Euro.
Click here to register for the taster day!

For Lichtanker and Alvital members the taster day costs 63 Euro and also after 15.07 the early bird discount for all 8 days.

(If you join the workshop series you will be charged 50 Euro).
Click here to register for the taster day for members!


Sporty clothes
sheets of paper/pen and pen
Your attention


Daniel Dick, is an author, workshop leader and energetic coach. He spent many years in the science of consciousness research and moved from the head to the heart and into action. He has held a number of seminars, especially in men’s work, and deals with the crises of the time through practical help. He has visited various spiritual schools and passed through some until he remained faithful to Tibetan Buddhism until now. His own paths of healing have given him insight into the psychosomatic and energetic processes that our bodies hold for us. With the structures of the unconscious of C.G. Jung, the medicine wheel of the North American traditions, the sacrificial and purification traditions from Colombia and his rebellious study time, the pieces of the puzzle came together to define a “5-fold path of self-determination” as a path of freedom and to make accessible elements that build on each other, so that we can take our lives into our own hands and live again with nature and our fellow human beings in awareness and peace.

In addition, some good spirits will act as space holders and take care of the physical well-being.

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