Lover, Warrior, Magician and King – Masculinity Coaching according to the 4 Archetypes

These sessions include an initial free introductory session and 8 additional hours to locate and guide every archetype into a balanced and adult form.
These sessions are based on past and future Embodied Conscious Masculinity workshops and are the perfect pre- and post-workshop preparation for Presence workshops. The sessions also stand on their own.

Who is this coaching for?:

Are you a man who is attracted to women?
You want to get to know yourself better and walk a conscious path of your masculinity?
You have already dealt with yourself and want to deepen this path?
… and maybe you already know the archetypes and want to embody their adult form!

If all this applies to you, then you are right.

Typical questions to the male archetypes in their light and shadowy side are for example the following:

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