Energetic Coaching & Healing

What is Energetic Coaching & Healing?

Energetic Coaching & Healing uses the perception and movement of energy to localize and resolve blockages of any kind of beings and relationships.

The result is a more conscious and compassionate being in relations, which is not only a healing and coaching but ultimately a spiritual path.

Inspired by my own process of healing from psychosis, depression, and ancestral baggage, especially working with mantras and the energy of the Buddhas, I noticed that my hands would move in a certain way. By doing so, blockages stored in the body could be brought into movement and up to your own consciousness, and consequently be released and resolved.

These include on the energetic level :

  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional suffering
  • Problems in relationships
  • Life purpose questions
  • Spiritual evolution
  • Ancestral lineage & karma
  • Strategic operations of organizations
  • Healing the ancestry line
  • Animal & plants issues
  • Garden and constructions

The sessions can be held via zoom.