Tree of Life – Kautzen 2023, Reflections on Self-empowerment

I have been part of the Healing Area “Achor Glade” of the Tree of Life Festival, wonderfully organized by Daniela Fuchs from and contributed together with my beloved Partner 2 Workshops on Self-Empowerment: The Partnership- Empowerment and the Community-Empowerment.

I know this tiny Hippie-Festival for many years, and I am very thankful for all connections and opportunities this festival gave to me…. yes, there is a “but” coming: But, like announced in the title of this year, it is a “Goodbye”. Time are changing and so has every age a different role. I wish this festival can give space to the next generations and everybody finds a new position in the wheel of life. Thank you Kautzen, Stephan and all the Stein-family for the tree of life of the last 25 years.

A Way through crises: Sex, Masculinity and Spirituality

Since 2020 the Book “Sex, Masculinity and God” came out, I have been involved in men´s work and the topic masculinity.

It has been an interesting ride since then!

This weekend I will be presenting with my brilliant co-authors Cadell Last and Kevin Orosz at the Mann-Sein Konferenz 11th+12th of June in Berlin, organized by the magnificent John Aigner. You are very welcome to join.

The last weekend I have been at the Männerfestival, very well organized by Franz Josef Neuwirt-Wildberger in Austria and the weekend before I joined a leadership summit of the European Men´s Gathering in Denmark. I actually did not expect doing such things in my life, but since the written and spoken reflection with my co-authors the infinite scope of this topic opened up.

Good friends have argued with me and were worried if I have rejections on feminism because of talking and doing workshops for masculinity. I found their impulsive rejection of masculinity, actually, more interesting.

I came from a pretty social deconstructive academic past and found myself lost in mental categories. I don´t mean that categories and politics of common agreements are less important and in the same manner gender equality, but when interacting personally, I could find better answers for behavior in psychoanalytic traditions and in Tibetan Buddhism, both uncovering the unconscious drive towards our consciousness.

Since I have been studying and organizing institutions and events around consciousness, the turn towards the unconscious was inevitable, not only because of personal traumas but also because of curiosity. The shadow of our consciousness are our chains of determination, our autopilot. Most of it plays out in our intimate relationship: Our relationship to our mother and father, as well as any other deep relationship, but also our relationship to ourselves.

I believe that if we dig deep and look inside we can have much better friends, partners, and family members. We are processing a hard time with lock-downs, covered faces, and a war in our neighborhood. Emotional distancing and anxiety are around every corner.

I see this time as a chance to make this a better world and for now I see so much potential, if we work from the inside out. That means acknowledge yourself, fix your intimate relationships and move from there. Not everything is 100% fine, but we work through it, and we don’t hide behind the screen or in the delirium of alcohol, drugs, and porn.

I am very thankful for people that taught me how to fight for truth even when it hurts, relationships that taught me to love myself and the other equally and mentors that also taught me how to teach.

Life takes very funny turns, but I am happy to represent a cultural edge (again) that is so alive: A masculinity that can hold difference among each other and from each other, work on sexual awareness and deep dives into bio-energetics and shadows of our contemporary collective.

See you in Berlin!

Conscious Masculinity Program

The Conscious Masculinity Program is design for men to open up to embodied cognition to move from toxic masculinity towards healthy and self-conscious masculinity. It’s about learning your embodied self, discover your emotional patterns and how to unblock your potential and ultimately, have a thriving sexual life.

Reach out for more information via the Contact Form.

A Talk on Masculinity, Spirituality and Technology

Interview with Psychology 360

It has been a pleasure to engage in wonderful question with Simon Weissenberger on the Podcast “Psychology 360”.

The topics we deepened in our conversation reached from the book “Sex, Masculinity and God” to the human and psychological crisis we are facing right now due to COVID-19 with the consequences of emotional-social distancing to the digital beginnings of web3 with the possibility of token economy and its future implications.

Sex Masculinity and God at the Stoa

The Stoa is a digital campfire around the most intriguing topics at the knife’s edge of what is happening now. Highly appreciated the level of interaction and questions on these 2 sessions with Tyson Wagner!

Here is Part I

And because we really enjoyed it… Part II:

Consciousness and the cultural path towards holistic healing- My Talk on Health and Well-Being Conference in Italy – Fermo

My aim was it, to show how different approaches in different cultures operated with stories, figures and symbols towards similar mechnism of overcoming the shadows and the illusion of things towards a kind of light. This small introduction into my talk has to be seen in itself as a repeating pattern of words in narrative sequences, which enfolds themselves in time. At the very core of any good story lies the truth, the beauty, the wisdom and the compassion especially to those close and next to you on an equal basis. The stories tells us an narrative sequence which can be perceived as an imagine of oneself, to the extend one can identify and detache oneself it. “What do we understand?” sets up the horizon tied to the ability of your consciousness through compassion.

Thank you very much for the invitation to the conference and to have the pleasure to introduce the whole topic.


Organizing the Worlds of Consciousness 2019

The International Congress “Worlds of Consciousness 2019” was a great success!

Have a look into the full programm with the recorded presentations here.

After a short introduction of the past activities of the ECR- Institute, Marco Bischof jumped spontanously in, to give an overview on the work of Brenda Dunne and Roger Nelson, higlightening their influence and importance in the current debate about mind-matter-interaction.

Brenda Dunne gave her presentation describing her work with Robert Jahn and telling anecdotes from her experiences. Roger Nelson impressed the audience with his Global Consciousness Project, which in short says “We are all connnected” and delivers global coherent data during global events based on random-generators spread all over the world. Sacinanda Swami led the whole congress with the vibration of the OM-chantinginto a delightfull meditation. Christopher Bache opened up heaven with the diamonds he found during his LSD-experiences and ater lunch Jan Rak showed the physical reality based on quantum terms. Ervin Lazlo send his message about the illusion of the separation between spirituality and science. Regina Hess brought the feminine energy in the hall. Coming to the end, Mathias Schüz precisely showed how ethical business works and Christian Halper and Marcus Schmieke set down the vision to investigate further the information field theories and practices as well as to strenghen networks and collaborations among like-minded institutions.

The presentations will be soon online. Thanks to everybody particitpating and making the event possible. Special thanks to Marcus Schmieke, Christian Halper, Nadine Förster, Hans-Werner Quast, Christopher Sauter, Falk Hubalt, Mathias Polnicky, Jonas Werner and Dong Doan and many more.