3rd Symposium of the Existential Consciousness Research

The 3rd Symposium of Existential Consciousness Research took place in Castle Kränzlin. My main insights are directed into the questions of eternity and here and now, because the philosophical contributions  led to different dimensions of viewpoints, evolving towards truth, love, freedom and beauty. Every path of a penomenological and existential point of view is dynamic and has a direction. Each of it shares to some extend different and same kinds of here and now to reach out to these virtues. Is it the here and now of the body position? Is it the here and now of the day-dreamers dream? Is it the conscious I which unfolds its acutalization constantly in reflexions and how many dimensions of reflexions intersect with different here and nows? Special thanks to science21, to Johannes Heinrichs and of course the Existential Consciousness Institute. More information follows on the website of the Institute. Next meeting will be at the in March. I am really looking forward to the next frontiers of consciousness research.

FORMWELT and its endless possibilities

Today I met Gitta and Ralf Peyn togehter with philosopher Johannes Heinrichs in the middle of nowhere, in Lüchow, Germany. I learned to know the key concepts of a new coding language that must be programmed. The infinite possibilities of learning about oneself, about understanding and translating different fields of inquiry as well as operate and modulate any kind of language, mathematics, forms, sounds in its depths and widths are just amazing. I am willing to support their work.

Ralph Peyn, Gitta Peyn, Johannes Heinrichs, and Daniel Dick.

They can actually make use of any help, from donations to investors, from interest to collaborations. Find out more here about FORMWELT about Downloads on their eBook and other information and Gitta Peyns Blog . I hope to be able to invite them soon to the BCSSS in Vienna and find collaborators to go for a common project, which enables them a launch of a first version of a first online application.

Historical Emergence of Traditional Archetypes – Trialogue #2

This trialogue between myself, Kevin Oroszlán, and Cadell Last represents the second experiment in an attempt to open a new discussion on sexuality. The second question which structures our discourse is “How Can We Account for the Historical Emergence of Traditional Archetypes?”. In this discussion we attempt to approach the history of sexuality, gender, and their interaction in civilization to stabilize the archetypes of man and woman.



Difference between Evolutionary and Religious Worldview – Trialogue #3

This trialogue between myself, Kevin Oroszlán, and Cadell Last represents the third experiment in an attempt to open a new discussion on sexuality. The third question which structures our discourse is “What is the difference between the evolutionary and religious worldview?”. In this discussion we attempt to approach the meaning of the difference between evolutionary and religious presuppositions and how it may impact our interpretations of self in intimate relationships. The will to eternity has been my major contribution to the common ground of evolutionary and religious worldview.

Have a look into the full-lenght video set up by Cadell Last.

Meeting Science21 in Prag

Myself experiencing consciousness enhancement via flying.

The new paradigm in Prague has a name: The Dynamic Paradigm. I had the pleasure to meet the members of the institute science21 and discuss their findings and insights on the nature of consciousness from an immanent and ever present moment. In combination to the Dynamic Paradigm which is experienced better understood, especially by flying, than only explained, a new education is envisioned. A new school as well as a new university teaching and training the full potential with new methods of project learning will be developed for a better living together. I am happy to contribute to join our powers.

Catalizing Paradigm Shift at the Laszlo Institute

Suddenly I found myself presenting in front of a small group of therapists, quantum physicists, consciousness researcher and amazing people with special talents. Erwin Laszlo was hosting at the heart of Tuscany the Conference on “Catalizing Paradigm Shift”. I was replacing the talk of Marcus Schmieke introducing our concept of the orthogonal complementarity and it´s reflexions based on the philosophy of Gotthard Günther and Johannes Heinrichs.

Erwin Laszlo appreciated my approach combining system science and consciousness research with his kind words “very fruitful”.

My catches of the conference have been many but I want to higlight three of them: Nitamo Montecucco, Kelly Schwegel and Frederico Faggin. Videos has been made and I will share them as soon as they are ready.
The basic line of the whole conference was to confirm, that material and mechanical views are not enough to explain the world, and introducing many practical and theoretical steps into the nature of consciousness and reality.

Most of the presenters.

Some very hard facts have been presented that should shake the academic world, but have been ignored or just not widely known. I could find myself in a group of like-minded people discovering the secrets beneath the grounds and bridging places, times, institutions and mind towards holografic consciousness research and practice. Special thanks to the organizers: the Scientific and Medical Network and the Lazslo Institute.


Meeting Cadell Last in the BCSSS

Cadell Last at his lecture at BCSSS, Vienna 25th of Sep. 2018

It was a great pleasure to meet Cadell Last and enjoying time together in the Vienna, while having good conversation on the notion of what is meant by “being here”.

I also learned some new words and thoughts like teleiosis, transconsciousness and the uncoded wall of evolution. I am looking forward to the next steps.

(Anthropology + Philosophy)²

Check out his presentation here.