Why I decided to go from thought to action

Over the course of my last 2 years I could experience through my position at the Existential Consciousnss Institute a vast spectrum of leading edge science, which would expand my horizons in every direction. I really appreciated to be able to visit and speak in so many conferences and organize a lot scientific events. Meanwhile I was preparing myself for a PhD. Actually, I had written in these 2-3 years seven different PhD proposals. Some because I thought, the professors would allow it and others because I had changed my mind, the answers had come faster than writing them down, and new questions directed my curiosity. At a point I got saturated by so much information and the scientific narrow windows of collective and perpetual self-reaffirming processes.

I had been in the realms of consciousness, anthropology and system science, which are already out-of-the box-disciplines, which cause some trouble for a classical Newtonian Worldview. I always found myself with porfessionals, that would be either retired or would fear their reputation for not speaking out their whole truth. And science is all about citations and reputation. I decided to leave the academic realm.. not forever, but my main focus shifted. I feel supported by science for what I aim for and the way to look into the world. Being involved in so much information I felt to relate my knowledge into practice. The wish to help people in a more fundamental way evolved to the oppurtinity to create a community center for healing and culture in Germany, Ebermannstadt, a tiny cute little village. More will be announced soon.

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