Next Crew for the Mayan Calendar course 2022/23

The next Mayan Calendar training year starts September 26th and ends June 12th, 2023.

1200 Euro total / 1000 reduced for members of ViaSana/Lichtanker.

(Including teaching materials = approx. 150 pages script + Maya compass and folder, all teaching units are recorded and made available – Without materials 1000 Euro and 800 Euro reduced).

Dates are partly online via Zoom and if indicated also in person (location to be announced) each at 8:30pm – 10:00pm.

Dates and class topics:
12.09. free info day with Q&A (in person)

26.09. Monkey and your birth sheet (in person)

09.10. Seeds and calculations (in person)

22.10. Earth and wavelength (in person)

04.11. Dog and challenging energy (in person)

17.11. Night and occult energy (in person)

30.11. Warrior and leading energy (online)

13.12. Moon and analog energy (online)

27.12. Wind and sound 1 (online)

08.01. Eagle and tone 2 (online)

21.01. Star and tone 3 (online)

03.02. Dragon and tone 4 (online)

16.02. Magician and tone 5 (online)

01.03. Hand and tone 6 (online)

14.03. Sun and tone 7 (online)

27.03. Skywalker and tone 8 (online)

09.04. Bridge between worlds and tone 9 (in person)

22.04. Storm and tone 10 (in person)

05.05. Human and tone 11 (in person)

18.05. Snake and sound 12 (in person)

31.05. Mirror and sound 13 (in person)

Registration via phone:

or Email:

via Link

Minimum number of participants 4, maximum 10.

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