The Sacred Calendar Tzolkin

The Sacred Calendar Tzolkin is a powerful tool to unlock the potential of one self, discover answers to WHYs in partnerships relationship and get closer to the glimpses of the codes that hold our universe together. Just a footnote for insiders: My calculation and interpretation are based on Jose Arguerelles called Dreamspell. I don’t teach his the 13 Moon Calendar, but the Sacred Calendar called Tzolkin.

About the course

At the end of the course you will know the energies of the Sacred Calendar Tzolkin

  • as symbol
  • as a human being
  • in partnerships
  • as a day
  • or a period of time
  • In relation to the other 20 Kin energies
  • And to the 13 tones
  • And how to counsel astrologically

Next course starts in November. More information will come soon. Registrations are open via contact form. Limited number of participants!

Personal teaching on your Tzolkin Horoscope

You can get a personal teaching on your Tzolkin Astrology.

You deserve to know your destiny!

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“The moment I started the Maya Calender Education with Daniel, I started to remember.
I tuned into the frequencies of the energies of the different KINs and realized how familiar all of this is to me.
The information which Daniel delivers is like a door he opened to a field which was once a daily map used by the toltecs and then was almost forgotten again.
He collected the knowledge about Tzolkin in such a profound way and delivers it with an outstanding professionalism which makes the understanding of the calendar and the energies a very simple but valuable map to read.
Also the personal readings are a huge support for people who lost orientation in life and who are looking for a deep understanding of themselves and of the energies they are surrounded by.”


Actually this is a quotation, which refers in the correct historical context to the capitalism, however exactly these few words bring it perfectly on the point.
While it is illusory to believe that one can use it to see precisely into the future, understanding the Mayan calendar does allow for a certain amount of orientation in the world. Similar to considering the major weather patterns before an extended hiking trip.
And those who don’t think much of that either and like to play the game of life moment by moment will at least have to smile more often after understanding the Mayan calendar, because the comedy of the Divine Comedy becomes a little more apparent to you.”


“Daniel has given me valuable input and reminded me which areas of life and shadow topics I may deal with even more deeply than before in order to be able to draw more fullness into my life. I am very grateful to him for this. During the session he created a space where I felt like I was being seen! Thank you!”


Dates of the current course

Here are the next dates of the 20 energies. Every session is online and some also in person.

Dates and class topics:
12.09 free info day with Q&A (in person).

26.09. Monkey and your birth sheet (in person)

09.10. Seed and calculations (in person)

22.10. Earth and wavelength (in person)

04.11. Dog and challenging energy (in person)

17.11. Night and occult energy (in person)

30.11. Warrior and leading energy (online)

13.12. Moon and analog energy (online)

27.12. Wind and sound 1 (online)

08.01. Eagle and tone 2 (online)

21.01. Star and tone 3 (online)

03.02. Dragon and tone 4 (online)

16.02. Magician and tone 5 (online)

01.03. Hand and tone 6 (online)

14.03. Sun and tone 7 (online)

27.03. Skywalker and tone 8 (online)

09.04. Bridge between worlds and tone 9 (in person)

22.04. Storm and tone 10 (in person)

05.05. Man and tone 11 (in person)

18.05. Snake and tone 12 (in person)

31.05. Mirror and tone 13 (in person)

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Live according to the quality of the time:

The Skywalker in the 13 days cycle of the Tzolkin 2023

The Skywalker is all in, or nothing.

Be aware to move one step at a time and to allow yourself to dream!
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Introduction about the Sacred Calendar (in German)