Red Snake


Survive, life force, instinct
celestial serpent. lucky sign, happiness, prosperity, favorable to the traders, does not let enslave; It has a good mood. vital power of the body growth. Vital force. Generates the force; nervous system, analytical and accurate; successful integration and physical function. Starts or generates ideas and creations. Strong awareness of their individuality. Recalls and receive knowledge.

PRONUNCIATION: (cheek’chan)

In Maya: CHICCHAN – Celestial Snake
In Aztec: Co’alt – Snake
In Zapotec: Zee or Zig – Snake
Solar position: 5 of 20 suns
Direction: East (Likin)
Color: Red (Chau)
Chakra: Crown
Water element
Planet: Asteroid Belt
Reality: Physics / Instinctive
Awareness: Individual [is so even in the handout]
Essence: Starts, provides, remember, receive
Frequency: Survival, life force, instinct
Personality: Strong will, extremist, powerful

Suns that give protection (Power Guide), people or days are: The Eastern suns:

compatible soles (Analogs), people or days are: The Suns of the north:
IK CIMI, OC, IX, Etznab

hidden suns, people and days are: The Suns of the South:

Suns antipodes, people or days are: The Suns of the West:

Paradox: Spiritual Integrity x the material world desires
Issue: transforming experiences, changes and unconsciously wins
Response: Learning that change and transformation are part of the learning process.



CHICCHAN can incorporate both the highest, as lower forms of life.
May arise in the exalted form of the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl as the morning star, brings hope for humanity, teaching higher truths and incorporating spiritual ideals.
The other extreme involves falling in areas of the underworld as Anaconda or a venomous viper, quietly living in the damp darkness of the underworld, diving in excess of the sensorial experiences.
The Snake is the paradox of spiritual integrity versus material world, the higher self versus the body. CHICCHAN is close to establishing the balance, returning to normal.
It’s evolution, a life full of changes and transformations.
With strong and charismatic traits, CHICCHAN can design a mystical camouflage.
This mysterious facade gets attention and can attract a large number of followers.
CHICCHAN can be reserved and discreet, can be dramatic and is seen by others
as being very magnetic.
The energy of the Snake is always in the spotlight, but it is not easily understood.
The few who are close to CHICCHAN can rarely describe it accurately.
It can be found drawing attention to itself or hiding mysteriously behind the scenes, in the shadows.
Leadership comes naturally due to its ability to win and attract attention.
It can excel in drama and often uses this to cover up mistakes.
Although CHICCHAN seem like attention, it is a lonely sun, feeling happy to be with yourself and privacy.
The Snake  think in terms of “me” instead of “us”.
This causes a gap between it and its family, friends, and other relationships.
It likes the night and can be quite bohemian, deepening in various interests and objectives.
CHICCHAN is self-sufficient, requiring little of others, and find interests that require a long time alone to study, or to apply the knowledge learned.
Musicians and writers may be manifestations of this sun.
CHICCHAN have strong emotional reactions and problems to deal with these emotions.
Being close to a CHICCHAN when it is shaken is something that many people would like to avoid.
His psychic energy is deeply penetrating, often intrusive.
Sometimes, when a CHICCHAN appears outwardly calm and balance, suddenly creates a crisis, projecting controversial feelings about those who are closed to it, avoiding internalizing emotions.
This habit comes from a very strong self-judgment of your emotional body and a general fear of angels and monsters.
CHICCHAN tends to struggle with internal conflicts and is greatly affected by its feelings.
Sometimes these intense feelings may not be visible superficially.
CHICCHAN can stay long on an indecisive ground, which prevents it from acting outside. Unfortunately it blames the universe to make wrong decisions and even becomes unhappy with the manifestations of life.
When this occurs, CHICCHAN may feel limited and caged in his own life.
CHICCHAN must learn to be responsible and make informed decisions in all areas of life.
To further complicate matters, CHICCHAN has a strong sense of freedom and refuses to engage in any difficulties related to it.
In CHICCHAN relationships can be dominant, or even authoritarian.
It is capable of emotional abuse in relation to others and to itself, but not consciously.
CHICCHAN causes repetitive cycles of turbulence in the family and relationships.
When this powerful emotional energy CHICCHAN is understood and harmonized, it can be profoundly constructive and creative, making it a seemingly boundless and tireless power of creativity.
CHICCHAN is very strong physically and mentally, and has great vitality, even when living under very stressful conditions, but may lack her compassion for those who cannot bear too much pressure.
The emotional power of CHICCHAN is phenomenal.
It rarely turns off its emotions, but it can drop them when drinking alcohol and becoming unreasonable, outrageous and turbulent.
Indulgences in excess and habits of an unbalanced life are CHICCHAN defects.
These excesses can appear in areas of food, sex, entertainment, and even work, undermining the highest ideals of CHICCHAN.
The administration time is required here because CHICCHAN can overload the day, forcing to experience a lot in a short period of time, not giving energy to each creation, and may end up not creating anything.
The keyword here is EXTREME.
Discernment and priorities are required to calm down its many interests.
CHICCHAN is the embodiment of instinct and excessive dependence of the senses flowing and moving guided by intuitive flashes, but rarely knows why.
And when CHICCHAN lives in this reality it is doomed to live in the unconscious instinct rather than conscious choice.
When CHICCHAN is out of physical and emotional balance, serious illness will be an obstacle to face and it will have to use instinctive healing abilities for survival.
A common weakness here is the unhealthy food.
It often neglects its health until the arrival of a crisis.
Some may gain wisdom through these crises and have a natural affinity for the healing arts. Some become therapists.
The money management is a difficulty CHICCHAN, so that does not consider important the mundane needs like paying bills, and keep the balance with meals and entertainment.
The lower expression of CHICCHAN is probably living on loans and rely on others.
Often CHICCHAN is heavily involved with housework.
It can be the manifestation of perfection on the brink of total disaster.
It might be the beggar without an own home.
CHICCHAN needs to learn how to use effective measures to overcome these obstacles.
Commonly the senses and instincts are what drives CHICCHAN, being a spontaneous sun, it can change direction quickly without conscious thought.
This produces passion and instinctive vitality.
Some may have very exterior magnetism, while others are quite frustrated with their sex lives.
The key here is the personal balance. It will appear when CHICCHAN focuses and harmonizes.
Then the main energy inherent in this sun will begin to attract other people rather than repel them.
Areas of life that are basic energies to CHICCHAN are kundalini, body desires and intimacy.
Great intelligence is a CHICCHAN attribute. It is well informed.
It shows interest in matters involving strategy and transformation.
Psychology is a common attraction.
It has ability to display intense intellectual dexterity.
It’s a born leader with a powerful mind that can grasp profound concepts and synthesize massive amounts of data.
It loves intellectual discussions or debates and can realize solutions using instinct instead of relying on intelligence.
It has an instinctive wisdom and motivation to put it at work.
Change and transformation are key interests.
This sun is drawn to the difficulties of survival and may become obsessed with learning about survival techniques.
The theme of survival is related to the fear of death. This is frightening and attracting at the same time.
It can unbalance, if it is sought apart from the rest of your life.
Since survival is linked with death, and death with fear, it would be good to balance these interests with other more positive things like natures.
The obsession with death is strong, requiring recognition and own personal understanding and others, to help CHICCHAN to understand the deeper meaning behind this fixation.
CHICCHAN, you can follow their instinctive flashes, wondering how you feel about your destination.
What motivates their choices regarding their destiny?
Look behind the real reason the choices you make. Ask yourself: this will add something to my life or, conversely, will it take something ???
You are feeling temporary security following your senses?
Examine your self-image in relation to your physical body and your greedy physical desires.
Assess your difficulties regarding sexuality and intimacy.
CHICCHAN, you are being challenged to immerse your mind in your body.
Land softly when this happens.
Your fears concerning the survival and attachment to the physical body are disconnected from spirit.
Remember, just your body is a guide to help you, connecting the balance between the animal and spiritual.
Become aware, make smart choices with your instincts, to find the solution to problems.


Joy Naxle’in