Be your Extraordinary Future and the Fittest along with your Past

After reading these sentences you will know when to be the fittest and when to be extraordiary.

To be adaptive and “to fit” has been the major skill for survival —  according to science.

Why? Science is able to trace history back, but doesn´t create future. Even all prognostics are based on past events.  The same sequence of self-inherent logic is applied to artificial intelligence, where a optimization of “fitting” products are aligned with the algorhythm, which “learns” from past events.

The extraordinary is a possible attractor for the future. We find the extraordinary in art and in human science because the spirit inspired humans. When time pass by, the fittest extraordinary becomes normal, but usually the extraordinary ideas and works accomplished by people don´t receive a lot of their success.

The actualization of the extraordinary is the creation of the possibility. Do you see the possibility? Can you create with your imagination a future vision? Create the extraordinary, that is the unique to YOU!

In terms of consciousness every past, present and future are part of your present. When we balance our unique future without comparison to others and without behavioral patterns, which hold on the past, but embrace the past as a meaningful sequence towards your present, then you are aware of your freedom of choice.

Do you see a destiny made cohesive by the integrative aspect of past, present and future? Or are you the creator of your present by knowing, it is you, who create your future?

Be extraordinary for your future, and be the fittest with your own past path.

Your fittest version of your collected sequences of the past are a cohesive and meaninful alignment with your present. Have compassion with whatever happend to you. By doing that you will find peace withyourself and create your unique and extraordinary future.



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