FORMWELT and its endless possibilities

Today I met Gitta and Ralf Peyn togehter with philosopher Johannes Heinrichs in the middle of nowhere, in Lüchow, Germany. I learned to know the key concepts of a new coding language that must be programmed. The infinite possibilities of learning about oneself, about understanding and translating different fields of inquiry as well as operate and modulate any kind of language, mathematics, forms, sounds in its depths and widths are just amazing. I am willing to support their work.

Ralph Peyn, Gitta Peyn, Johannes Heinrichs, and Daniel Dick.

They can actually make use of any help, from donations to investors, from interest to collaborations. Find out more here about FORMWELT about Downloads on their eBook and other information and Gitta Peyns Blog . I hope to be able to invite them soon to the BCSSS in Vienna and find collaborators to go for a common project, which enables them a launch of a first version of a first online application.

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