Blue Storm


Catalyzing, self-generation, energy
Generally cheerful, contagious; sharpens the contradictions. The thunder that flows from being is the divine word of the heart of heaven. Catalyzes self-generation; accelerates or slows self-generation. thunder cloud and be thunder, transformation that precedes completion. It operates from the spiritual world and the universal heart. It is a transmitter of the information it receives. Friendly and helpful. It might be attracted by philosophy and religion and is concerned with healing and purification.


Maia: CAUAC – The Storm
In Aztec: Quiauhuitl – Rain of Fire
In Zapotec: AEPC – Cloudy
Solar Position: 19 of 20 suns
Direction: West (Chikin)
Color: Blue (Ek)
Chakra: Root
Element earth
Planet: Pluto
Reality: Spiritual / Universal Heart
Awareness: Universal
Essence: Transforms gives rise, self-regulating, transmits
Frequency: It catalyzes, self-generation, energy
Personality: jovial, restless, friendly

Suns that give protection (Power Guide), people or days are: The Suns of the West:

compatible soles (Analogs), people or days are: The Suns of the South:

hidden suns, people and days are: The Suns of the north:
IK CIMI, OC, IX, Etznab

Suns antipodes, people or days are: The Eastern suns:

Paradox: Wrapped with the lower nature x the higher realms of consciousness.
Issue: The Issue to evolve and fully awake. Becoming a healer or teacher.
Response: Studying with a master without attachment to any dogmas.


The influence of CAUAC produces a life of transformative insights.
CAUAC relates to become transformed by burning the remaining illusions to become everything of your true self.
It is a sun that got fantastic lessons to learn and is assimilating them in this lifetime.
Sometimes it can feel like you are chasing yourself, as you will have little time to integrate the lessons before the new level of transformation arrives.
Personal metamorphosis and inner revolution are key actions to CAUAC.
Make space for the transformation and detach yourself from old concepts that were once have been considered true.
The rules have changed and you do not need to have rules or a manual to act.
CAUAC reached the top between itself and unity with the source.
The intense feelings will push him through the walls of illusion into a new world, emerging as the Phoenix of ashes, totally transformed, not even recognizing the original form from which it emerged..
CAUAC is the energy transformation that precedes the fulfillment.
CAUAC means expression of an intense Mayan sun that activates itself and others deeply.
There is an pure fact that CAUAC is enough to catalyze others to its full achievement by the storm caused to itself and to others.
When you resist change, the intensity increases.
The influence of the storm can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the perspective taken during tests and crises.
The transformation of CAUAC is inevitable, burning multiple fundaments of favorite illusions feeding you.
You can throw yourself out of the deep web of forgetfulness.
Remember to thank and accept the blessings and gifts of your self-growth.
This is the nature of the storm.
CAUAC is a warrior of truth and always wants to understand what’s going on, seeking answers to the questions.
It is the initiator that breaks the illusion of barriers so that others can cross them.
With a powerful intuition it has the ability to see beyond what is usually seen by others and to get to the existing basic energy behind all experience.
It is like a light transformer, always catalyzing changes and bringing the truth to light.
Unfortunately it is a very unappreciated sun and rarely gets gratitude for opening transformative paths or the appreciation of truths that that have catalyzed other.
CAUAC is its own teacher and self-generative.
Therefore it needs little from abroad to come to full realization.
Superficially CAUAC is a sun with youthful curiosity, restless and mentally active, talkative and friendly.
It has a tendency to imitate others, or transform what has been established by others.
It is multifaceted and often working in many achievements.
CAUAC has good intuition and can improvise when needed.
There is a great respect for the welfare of others, local, global and even universally.
It is usually found in occupations related to awaken the conscience of mankind.
CAUAC is the child who never grows; It does not get old. It prevent this.
Curiosity and a general openness to new ideas characterize this sun, although it often fails to realize what to do with the insights received.
You can see from various perspectives, which helps to improve in many areas.
Many of them speak or write to survive.
All this curiosity and nervous energy lead to various talents, making them to multi-faceted, interesting and, therefore, popular people.
CAUAC is surrounded by the realms of love.
Relationships are the key focus, and it is always involved with disputes in its own relationships or of the other.
CAUAC is an apparently inexhaustible source of affection.
It engages intensely in love relationships.
Sometimes to the disadvantage of the relationship, although this happens more to women.
Your sex life is treated with great respect and is more of a spiritual experience than a recreational one.
This sun has a great deal of self-discipline and is tremendously monogamous.
Fidelity is expected and even required.
The greatest difficulty in relationships is to dose its jealousy and envy.
CAUAC is anchored with attachment to home and relationships.
It is love and affection, radiating compassion, genuine tenderness and emotional support.
It is loyal father and a devoted friend.
When it’s like a gentle rain nurturing, it is love romance together with affection, passion and tenderness.
When such a storm is passion charged with arguments, attracting crises and traumas in their relationships.
CAUAC is the expression of emotional energy, and feelings that are quite refined and exalted.
In a sense, it is a shining glass that can scan details, enriching it with the difficulties through life experience.
With that in mind, it is reasonable to point out that some influenced by CAUAC can demonstrate escapism signals, trying to escape this sensitivity.
In CAUAC life exaggerations can manifest of all kinds, however, rarely it escape happens because it cannot escape his own transformative energy.
CAUAC can be completely enveloped by the lower human nature or navigate within the higher realms of consciousness.
Lower types need to control the flow of desire that can exist.
The highest types live in exalted ideals and give the world an example to be followed.
CAUAC may be drugged or holy; it can be the energy that sustains life or the creator of the need for shelter for itself.
There is a deep side of CAUAC.
It has an interest in the deep meaning of life and is usually turned to philosophy or religion.
Many of them devote their lives to religious and spiritual practices or, at least, will have a profound respect for philosophy and spirituality institutions.
It has the desire to connect to the source in a personal way.
Meditation and other techniques for the awakening or elevating consciousness can attract them.
It incorporates aspects of philosophy and religion, especially chosen in daily life.
CAUAC attracts turbulences that produces tests for self-growth.
At a limited point of view, can be said that it has bad luck.
It is useful here to expand our understanding, adding that only attract what we can handle.
This shows us that CAUAC is a warrior to attain knowledge and growth.
Why would have attracted to you so many lessons?
CAUAC is a transformer and generally imitates more than innovates.
His creations are a refinement of some original idea.
Respects tradition and the innovations created by others in the areas of art, music, math, science and religion.
It is this imitative learning, but also this imitation that can take it to conform with the times.
It is easily influenced by others.
If CAUAC wishes to recognize the creativity that emanates exclusively from itself, then isolation from other influences is crucial.
Few are pioneers, but they become good teachers or instructors, having credibility and being well understood by others.
The purification of the mind, the body and the environment is for CAUAC a sacred ritual.
It purifies more than only the physical dimension, realigning the energy that is out of balance.
Apparently it may seem that it needs to control everything that surrounds it, but in reality, it is just taking some precautions with itself.
They tend to be overly clean and can make the rest of the world concerned not to disturb perfection around a CAUAC.
Sometimes the stress can be too much for CAUAC and health aspects may need attention.
You can have many illnesses that perhaps can become chronic.
The deeper the suffering, the more life experience is acquired, triggering amazingly the process of transformation.
Because of inherent health aspects, CAUAC is interested in healing and purification related to diets, fasts and relaxation techniques to keep the body and the spirit healthy.
Some become healers or doctors.
Combining their natural instincts of protection and nutrition with great intuition and technical aptitude, they are successful in such work.
The tests and challenges are essential for CAUAC acquiring knowledge and strength, overcoming barriers of narrow-minded perspectives and the illusion of limitation.
Trust, recognize and become adventurous again.
Knowledge and memories are intricately woven into your life experience.
Believe in yourself.
Storm, you are strong and have the knowledge you need to open a walk for humanity towards a better world.
Trust in yourself!!!!

Joy Naxle’in