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Meditations, Breath work, bioenergetic work, sexual (tantric) education and coaching tools are a combination of tools I can teach you to expand your consciousness and your compassion.

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  • Tibetan Yoga and Meditation
    From September to the end of November, there is the possibility to get insights into the Tibetan Yoga, called Tsa -Lung. Thereby– breathing and physical exercises– meditation instructions– Buddhist philosophy and – mantrasare taught. – free donations – DATES: Monday Sept.-Nov.26.09./ 03.10./ 10.10./17.10./ 24.10./(31.10 fällt aus)07.11./ 14.11./21.11. 19-21 Uhr PLACE: KMG StudioKleine Mohrengasse 6-81020 Wien …
  • Thursday Meditation at Lichtanker
    (March-April) on free donation in person and online. Every Thursday from 19:00-20:30. Meditations include Buddhist teaching and guidance on mindfulness and guided meditations.(Subject to change based on the makeup of participants and their needs): 03.17. Ask Death 24.03. The transformation of demons 31.03. Enter the library of your life 07.04. From pain to compassion (ideal …
  • Geführte Meditation: Die Bibliothek deines Lebens
    Dies ist eine Meditation, die es dir ermöglicht, in ein Wissen über dein Leben einzutreten, unter der Bedingung, was du erfährst zu akzeptieren. Genieße die Reise!

I believe that the work on oneself is the key to any other relationship and to whatever you do. Any limitations are self-imposed and be removed by yourself. I am here to support you.

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Guided meditation: Ask Death

In here you meet yourself at your death bed and you are able to ask the important question of life.
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