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Daniel´s life has been full of changes, deep transformations and personal teachings in my private and profession life.

Daniel was born into a family in which spirituality and medicine has been a daily experience. He has been always in touch with the belief in the Go(o)d and with a tremendous curiousity. Extensive travel experiences, especially through South America lead him to discover the realms of Shamanism, Alternative Medicine and mystical experiences. Personal relationships and the destiny of live gave him some hard teaching about life and death which empowered his quest of creating meaning in live even more and arise a few times from the ashes. Daniel´s professional teachings have been in research and educational institutions related to system science, consciousness research, anthropology, holistic and cross-cultural medicine, consultancy and management, coaching and sexual pedagogy.

Basically, his interests have been to make sense about his extraordinary experiences and to help others to move to a meaningful and healthy life.

Daniel loves life, humans and meaningful of co-living. This led him to explore various cultures, different spiritual paths, and some holistic healing techniques as well as ways of the exploration of consciousness, such as intuition, meditation and trance. He explored Buddhist mediations and traditions, like Zen and Vipassana, Vajrayana, Mindfulness, and different kinds of shamanism and guided meditative practices, he loves to read sacred or mythological texts like the bible, the Daodejing …  and is as well trained up to a Reiki Master.

Daniel´s student life has been paralleled by feminist ideas, and emancipatory approaches. He got sensitized for socio-political environments as well as empowered by self-organized groups in education, especially in the University.

He organized several conferences and symposia as well as organizations self-organizing system principles.


He worked for business-oriented research, such as for self-exploration software tools, impact assessment and flickering light perception. He has bee

n lecturing at the University of Vienna in Anthropology and in Sociology. Daniel is holding the Young Scientist Bertalanffy Award of the European Meeting of Cybernetics and System Research 2016, worked in institutions, such as the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, the European School of Governance and co-founded the independent Viennese Academy of Consciousness Research in 2015 and the Existential Consciousness Research Institute in 2018. He published articles in academic and popular journals and is editing a book on consciousness research.

After an academic pursuit the wish to help the humankind with compassi

on and wisdom evolved towards creating a community center for healing and culture in Germany, which is right now his main endeavor.

Being on one hand a curious researcher and other hand a spiritual inquirer he loves to enable mutual understanding between people, mindsets, cultures, spirituality and science. His driving ambitions are to change the current paradigm of health and education to make this world a better place by collaboration, ecological sustainability, and personal growth, which lead to meaningful relationships.

Beside of that, he love the waves of the ocean, the peaks of the mountains and enjoy music, beauty, friends and family.

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