The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar is a powerful tool to unlock the potential of one self, discover answers to WHYs in partnerships relationship and get closer to the glimpses of the codes that hold our universe together.

That´s what you get from the course:

  • a deep understanding and consciousness on how you and other operate
  • a meaningful philosophy for your brightest light to shine
  • a deep understanding of family constellations and relationships
  • course materials: Descriptions of 20 kins and 13 tons, the Maya Calendar compass, working sheets for natal charts and 13 days cycles
  • deep insight into the kins and tones and their relation to each other
  • how to use it for your personal life
  • how to use it on a daily basis
  • how to use the calendar for a year-long forecast
  • how to use it for relationships and groups (like family)

Next course starts in November (in German). More information will come soon and in person the 29th of Oct. in Vienna. Registrations are open via email or registration template (see below).

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“Daniel has given me valuable input and reminded me which areas of life and shadow topics I may deal with even more deeply than before in order to be able to draw more fullness into my life. I am very grateful to him for this. During the session he created a space where I felt like I was being seen! Thank you!”


Actually this is a quotation, which refers in the correct historical context to the capitalism, however exactly these few words bring it perfectly on the point.
While it is illusory to believe that one can use it to see precisely into the future, understanding the Mayan calendar does allow for a certain amount of orientation in the world. Similar to considering the major weather patterns before an extended hiking trip.
And those who don’t think much of that either and like to play the game of life moment by moment will at least have to smile more often after understanding the Mayan calendar, because the comedy of the Divine Comedy becomes a little more apparent to you.”



Here are the next dates of the 20 energies. The Sessions are in German.

06.11 Bridge between worlds (actually 5.11.)
18.11. Storm
01.12. Human (only online)
14.12. Snake
27.12. Mirror (only online)
09.01. Monkey
22.01. Seed
04.02. Earth
17.02. Dog (online only)
02.03. Night
15.03. Warrior
28.03. Moon
10.04. Wind (online only)
23.04. Eagle
06.05. Star
19.05. Dragon (only online)
01.06. Magician (Wednesday in person)
14.06. Hand
27.06. Sun (only online)
07/10 Sky Walker (online only)

August summer break

Dates with the 13 tones still follow.also in 2 week intervals from September.


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Hiermit registriere ich (Name) mich zur Ausbildung zum Maya Kalender.
Ermäßigung bekommen Personen, die durch Werbung Personen angeworben haben oder Mitglied beim Lichtanker oder partnerschaftlichen Vereinen sind. Wenn 3 Vollzahler angeworben wurden, ist dein Kurs kostenlos (oder 4 Personen teilen sich 3*1000 Euro=750 Euro). Wenn 2 Vollzahler angeworben wurden, kostet der komplette Kurs 50% (3 Personen teilen sich 2500= 833,33 Euro). Die Unterrichtsmaterialien bestehen aus den verschriftlichen Beschreibungen der Unterrichtseinheiten + Arbeitsblättern, Video-Aufnahmen ( 5 Euro pro Einheit) und den Mayakompass (20 Euro), insg. 185 Euro.

Here is the intro video (in German)