A Way through crises: Sex, Masculinity and Spirituality

Since 2020 the Book “Sex, Masculinity and God” came out, I have been involved in men´s work and the topic masculinity.

It has been an interesting ride since then!

This weekend I will be presenting with my brilliant co-authors Cadell Last and Kevin Orosz at the Mann-Sein Konferenz 11th+12th of June in Berlin, organized by the magnificent John Aigner. You are very welcome to join.

The last weekend I have been at the Männerfestival, very well organized by Franz Josef Neuwirt-Wildberger in Austria and the weekend before I joined a leadership summit of the European Men´s Gathering in Denmark. I actually did not expect doing such things in my life, but since the written and spoken reflection with my co-authors the infinite scope of this topic opened up.

Good friends have argued with me and were worried if I have rejections on feminism because of talking and doing workshops for masculinity. I found their impulsive rejection of masculinity, actually, more interesting.

I came from a pretty social deconstructive academic past and found myself lost in mental categories. I don´t mean that categories and politics of common agreements are less important and in the same manner gender equality, but when interacting personally, I could find better answers for behavior in psychoanalytic traditions and in Tibetan Buddhism, both uncovering the unconscious drive towards our consciousness.

Since I have been studying and organizing institutions and events around consciousness, the turn towards the unconscious was inevitable, not only because of personal traumas but also because of curiosity. The shadow of our consciousness are our chains of determination, our autopilot. Most of it plays out in our intimate relationship: Our relationship to our mother and father, as well as any other deep relationship, but also our relationship to ourselves.

I believe that if we dig deep and look inside we can have much better friends, partners, and family members. We are processing a hard time with lock-downs, covered faces, and a war in our neighborhood. Emotional distancing and anxiety are around every corner.

I see this time as a chance to make this a better world and for now I see so much potential, if we work from the inside out. That means acknowledge yourself, fix your intimate relationships and move from there. Not everything is 100% fine, but we work through it, and we don’t hide behind the screen or in the delirium of alcohol, drugs, and porn.

I am very thankful for people that taught me how to fight for truth even when it hurts, relationships that taught me to love myself and the other equally and mentors that also taught me how to teach.

Life takes very funny turns, but I am happy to represent a cultural edge (again) that is so alive: A masculinity that can hold difference among each other and from each other, work on sexual awareness and deep dives into bio-energetics and shadows of our contemporary collective.

See you in Berlin!

Embodied Masculinity Workhops (Mai/ Juni)

Embodied Conscious Masculinity is an afternoon and evening to activate your parts of the masculine archetypes (according to Robert Moore) and jump over your shadows.

Discover yourself as

  • Warrior,
  • King,
  • Lover and
  • Magician


  • martial arts exercises and strength training
  • Tsa Lung – Tibetan breath-yoga
  • Consciousness and shadow work through guided meditations
  • Methods for power and responsibility
  • Conversations about tantra, sex and contemporary relationships
  • Brotherhood around the campfire

Hauptstrasse 29
1140 Vienna

Pleasant room with huge garden and terrace.


Focus on warrior and king
Focus on mage and lover

Bring something to eat for the campfire and
comfortable clothes.

69 Euro / reduced 55 Euro (both dates, student or social rate) – limited number of participants !

These seminars are not therapy.

Thursday Meditation at Lichtanker

(March-April) on free donation in person and online.

Every Thursday from 19:00-20:30.

Meditations include Buddhist teaching and guidance on mindfulness and guided meditations.
(Subject to change based on the makeup of participants and their needs):

03.17. Ask Death

24.03. The transformation of demons

31.03. Enter the library of your life

07.04. From pain to compassion (ideal for stop smoking)

13.04. Expansion of loving awareness (Change of date !!)

21.04. Experience and fulfill your light body

Each session can be visited in person at the club room of Lichtanker (Felberstrasse 2/23) or via this zoom information:
Meeting ID: 288 243 5138
ID Code: Liebevoll

Telegram-Channel for updates and reminders: https://t.me/meditationwithdaniel

Donations to
Daniel Dick – AT412011128850829900 – GIBAATWWXXX
or on site
Approximate value for donations: 10-25 Euro

Here is a small foretaste – Guided meditations by Daniel on Youtube:

Conscious Masculinity Program

The Conscious Masculinity Program is design for men to open up to embodied cognition to move from toxic masculinity towards healthy and self-conscious masculinity. It’s about learning your embodied self, discover your emotional patterns and how to unblock your potential and ultimately, have a thriving sexual life.

Reach out for more information via the Contact Form.

A Talk on Masculinity, Spirituality and Technology

Interview with Psychology 360

It has been a pleasure to engage in wonderful question with Simon Weissenberger on the Podcast “Psychology 360”.

The topics we deepened in our conversation reached from the book “Sex, Masculinity and God” to the human and psychological crisis we are facing right now due to COVID-19 with the consequences of emotional-social distancing to the digital beginnings of web3 with the possibility of token economy and its future implications.

Sex Masculinity and God at the Stoa

The Stoa is a digital campfire around the most intriguing topics at the knife’s edge of what is happening now. Highly appreciated the level of interaction and questions on these 2 sessions with Tyson Wagner!

Here is Part I

And because we really enjoyed it… Part II:

Don´t wait till it hurts.

Sometimes live is hard, especially when world situation does not comfort at all. Maybe you have troubles with your job, and then you might get ill and nobody can tell you want is the root of your illness.

Pain, first of all is never found in the body. It is an emotion and usually doctors sum it up as stress, when they accept a relation between mind and body. The eastern traditions acknowledge for millenia energy as a medium between the mind and the body.

When you get stressed, we tend to think to much, we tend to have negative emotions. All of that is a higher amount of energy that always calls you out to transform and to change.

If that energy is not put on track, it gets stuck where ever you are stuck. To much energy stuck creates heat. First, you might have difficulties to relax, and you might drink more alcohol or search for other comfort zone. Then you might have difficulties to sleep and according to the position and topic you are stuck get inflammations, which means bacteria are overcoming your immun system. If that continues without getting calmness and a new direction in life, it ends with an illness, which will force you to stop and to reexamine your life.

Energy has to flow, without resistance and free from holding on to it. Some people termed beautifully the saying: Let it go! And you will have freedom.

It is discomforting to change, but the sooner you change with the flow, the less life is going to call you out brutally.

In Germany we say, if you don´t listen, you will have to feel it.

So, don´t wait till it hurts, when life wants you the change.

Listen. And the best way to listen is to find calmness for youself.

All the best,